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Waitrose sales down 2.4% last week

Friday February 5th 2016

Waitrose saw its total sales decline by 2.4% year-on-year last week.

With Burns Night falling in the week, there was a 22% uplift in haggis sales. The most popular haggis was the traditional 500g Macsween haggis with sales up 40% on last year. Vegetarian haggis was also popular and accounted for nearly a quarter of total haggis sales.

The ‘dry January’ trend led to surge in popularity of no alcohol and low alcohol wines with sales for the range up 47%. There was also a 37% increase in sales of small (37.5cl) bottles.

Waitrose commercial director Mark Williamson said the retailer’s first Pick Your Own Offers TV ad prompted a further flurry of customers to sign up to the scheme, which lets customers pick 10 products to save money on each time they shop. He added: “Our top ten most popular picks consistently features regular or everyday purchases, showing savvy shoppers choosing to cut the cost of their most commonly bought foods. This includes chicken, cherry tomatoes, bathroom tissue and eggs.”

The strongest performance across ranges last week came from Waitrose's home and leisure category which saw trade up more than 10% compared to last year.