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Tesco installs digital advertising screens that also feed back demographic data to advertisers

Monday November 4th 2013

Tesco is to install new digital advertising screens in its petrol stations that also scan customer's faces to determine their age and gender.

The supermarket has signed a deal with Alan Sugar’s Amscreen company through which the OptimEyes system will be rolled out to 450 Tesco petrol forecourts.

While ads are shown on the screens, the OptimEyes technology determines basic demographics such as gender, age, date, time and volume, with real time data sent back to advertisers to help them measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Tesco said it will also help the advertisers to develop content that is more relevant to its customers and tailored to the place and time of day.

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Content on the network will be sold by Amscreen’s media sales team.

Peter Cattell, category director for Tesco petrol stations, said: "We’re always looking to work with partners who provide innovative ways to enhance the customer shopping experience. This new dynamic screen product from Amscreen provides the perfect means for us to do this. The ability to tailor content based on time and location means it can be extremely useful and timely for our customers.”

Amscreen chief executive Simon Sugar added: "We're extremely excited to call Tesco a screen network partner. We believe it’s our flexibility, reliability and measurability that has helped us secure this partnership. For potential advertisers, this means we can now offer various digital advertising solutions to reach the sought after Tesco shopper.”