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Tesco to change layout and product lines in central London stores during the Olympics

Tuesday March 20th 2012

Tesco is planning to make major changes to the layout and product ranges in its central London Metro stores during the Olympic Games, according to The Grocer magazine.

The magazine has reported that Tesco will make up to 80% of shelf space available for food-to-go and products aimed at the thousands of visitors to the Games each day. In addition, the retailer is said to be considering changing its Metro in-store navigation as it looks to control queue sizes in stores close to the Olympic Park.

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Tesco is also said to be talking with suppliers about the temporary removal of some lines from sale during the Games, particularly those items that are slower-selling such as household products.

A Tesco spokeswoman told The Grocer: "At the moment we are making improvements and upgrades to a number of our stores across the UK, including in London.

"Through this programme, we will ensure that visitors to our refreshed stores during the Olympic and Paralympic Games will find a wide range of refreshments and snacks available and that the stores themselves offer customers a modern and convenient shopping experience."