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Sainsbury's opens first 'Triple Zero' stores

Thursday November 21st 2013

Sainsbury's has announced the opening of its most environmentally friendly stores to date.

The retailer has described the stores in Leicester and Weymouth as ‘Triple Zero’ meaning that they produce zero carbon emissions from the operational they energy use, send zero waste to landfill, and have zero impact on water usage in their local catchment areas due to their ‘Water Neutral’ status.

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Neil Sachdev, Sainsbury’s property director, said: "We aim to be the UK’s Greenest Grocer and achieve our 20x20 target to reduce our operational carbon emissions by 30 per cent absolute. To do this we’re now building and running highly sustainable, low carbon stores.

"Our new ‘Triple Zero’ stores in Leicester and Weymouth Gateway are examples of how we’re achieving this, by using power generated from waste in our supply chain and ‘Water Neutral’, which includes offsetting partnerships in the local community."

Sainsbury’s new 81,700 sq ft Leicester store will open on 27 November 2013, while the Weymouth store opened in October.