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New study: grocery prices cheapest in over a year in December

Thursday January 7th 2016

New research has shown that grocery prices in December were the cheapest in over a year as supermarkets competed for shoppers during the Christmas period.

MySupermarket’s Groceries Tracker, which monitors the cost of the same 35 most commonly bought grocery products, found that the cost of a basket of 35 popular products cost £85.91 in December, a full 1% cheaper compared to a month earlier.

When compared to December 2014, the difference was 5%, or a saving of £4.33.

The products dropping the most in price from November to December were pasta, down 5%, onions, down 7%, and mushrooms, down 18%. However, there was a monthly increase in yoghurt, up 4%, as well as sausages and toilet paper, both up 3%.

Kim Ludlow, managing director of, said: "It is great to see the cost of grocery staples come down further in price and shoppers across the UK will be delighted that they can make real savings this January. The fall is part of a wider trend that we have observed here at mySupermarket, and is partly due to the intense competition between supermarkets with discounters such as Aldi and Lidl increasing their market share over recent months."