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Kamps makes UK store debut

Thursday November 21st 2013

Kamps, one of Germany's leading bakery businesses, has opened its first UK store.

The brand has over 550 outlets in Germany and, with sales in excess of €240 million, is expanding rapidly with over 20 new openings per year.

The first Kamps Bäckerei Café has opened in Tottenham Court Road while a second outlet will launch in High Street Kensington before Christmas.

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rpa:group was responsible for the project management, interior architecture and design elements in the stores which feature a 'Chef's Table' where customers can watch the Kamps bakers at work.

John Armitage, head of rpa:group project management, explained: “Kamps is a unique bakery cafe concept where patrons can watch master bakers at work and experience how bread and bakery goods are prepared and hand finished. The focal point of the offer is that the product is handmade, hot and fresh from the oven. Kamps is creating an exceptional Bakery Cafe at each of its locations, creating unique ‘destination’ eating places that serve their local community.”

Mark Cherrett, head of rpa:group architecture, added: “The layout and external architecture of Kamps has been designed to make the food preparation areas the key features, allowing patrons to experience the spectacle, smell and the taste of the products, and the craftmanship that goes into creating them. I think the concept would best be summed up as ‘event bakery’.”