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GAME acquires SocialNAT

Wednesday February 17th 2016

GAME has reached an agreement to purchase Spanish online platform SocialNAT from the Social Electronica Sports Company.

The move is part of GAME’s plans to develop its fast growing eSports and events division following the acquisition of Multiplay last year.

The SocialNAT platform has over 150,000 registered users. In 2015, it organised various eSports championships at the 2015 Madrid Games Week including the qualifying rounds of FIFA and Call of Duty for the Electronic Sports World Cup as well as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 'GG Cup'.

GAME said the acquisition will provide it with both a platform and an established audience to support the growth of its international eSports business, particularly in Spain, and allow the group to offer a range of new experiences and services to its customers.

Pablo Crespo, managing director of GAME Spain, said: “GAME is firmly committed to delivering the best experiences across all areas of the interactive entertainment and videogames business. ESports present one of the most exciting developments in the industry and the acquisition of SocialNAT will help to accelerate our plans in this area, particularly in Spain."