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Fofolles World arrives on London's King's Road

Thursday March 10th 2016

Multi-brand pop-up Fofolles World is taking space at The Concept Store, Sloane Stanley's permanent and dedicated pop-up space that offers brands the opportunity to have a high street presence on London's King's Road.

Fofolles World is opening a 1,178 square foot store until 19 March and is the latest brand to take up space at the revolving pop-up space following the tenure of Tom Cridland in January.

Operating on a global scale, Fofolles World is a multi-brand pop-up showcasing ready to wear women’s clothing, accessories and swimwear from a series of international brands. The brand visits four of the world’s fashion capitals every year.

Fofolles World co-founders Salomé Chichinadze and Costanza della Torre Tasso said: ”The King’s Road is an iconic shopping destination that appeals to a diverse and international consumer base. The extensive range of exquisite style, designs and fabrics chosen by our brands all have a quality and allure to match this highly sought after location.”

Hannah Grievson, commercial property manager at Sloane Stanley, added: “Fofolles World strives to break new ground by introducing the individuality of unique brands and promoting collections by avant-garde designers to target both local and international visitors.

“Its ‘pop-in’ concept is an interesting and innovative idea that will appeal to the fashionable, discerning and international consumers who shop and live in the vicinity.”

Sloane Stanley is one of the oldest landowning estates in London and manages residential and commercial properties on the King’s Road and Fulham Road.

Fofolles World’s arrival follows the announcement that Orée, the premium French artisan patisserie and boulangerie, is making its UK debut by opening a store at 275 – 277 Fulham Road on 10 March.