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Domino's to hire 1,300 staff to cope with surge in pizza orders during World Cup

Tuesday May 20th 2014

Domino's Pizza is to recruit 1,300 new drivers as it gears up for an anticipated huge peak in orders and deliveries during this summer's football World Cup.

The pizza chain estimates that it will sell nearly 6 million pizzas, equating to 56 million slices, during June and July - which is enough to stretch the equivalent of 12,105 miles from London to Rio de Janeiro and back again.

With the 64 games being broadcast live during the nation’s dinnertime from 5pm to 11pm, Domino’s predicts that football fans will rack up enough orders to have the delivery team travelling a huge 13.5 million miles.

Stuart Lauderdale, head of operations at Domino’s Pizza UK said: “Domino’s is looking for drivers with the right attitude towards service and who really care about what they do. Over half of our current store managers started out as delivery drivers themselves, so whether you’re looking to make extra cash in your spare time or a brand new career, there opportunities are there for the taking.”