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BCSC to launch new strategy

Thursday February 25th 2016

The executive board of the British Council of Shopping Centres has launched a new strategy as it looks to position the organisation for the future.

Led by newly installed president Mark Bourgeois and chief executive John Coyne, the ‘2020 Strategy’ will include the BCSC being renamed, rebranded and refocused around the four areas of career development, business development, industry standards and influence.

Bourgeois, who is also executive director of Capital & Regional, said: “We have undertaken a year of extensive consultation with grass-root members, strategic partners, stakeholders and the wider industry through meetings, workshops, surveys and research. This has been vital in informing our decision-making and Strategy 2020 is a progressive statement that demonstrates our ambition and commitment to position the organisation for the future.”

Through the strategy, the BCSC hopes to create additional value for members and wider stakeholders through business and career development opportunities as well as products and services such as new research, seminars, awards and educational programmes, study tours and conferences.

It will also introduce professional membership categories to drive membership of senior directors and ‘next generation’ professionals and diversity across the industry.

In addition, the BCSC will lead campaigns that influence key industry leaders, political decision makers and media in order to shape policy on issues such as high street restructuring, business rates and Sunday trading

Coyne added: “Strategy 2020 is a major step forward that will transform BCSC and our services in response to the changing interests and needs of our members and wider industry, amid the seismic and dynamic changes taking place in the retail property sector.”