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AO World 'on track' after strong revenue growth

Wednesday January 13th 2016

Online domestic appliance retailer AO World has reported that its UK business continued to grow across all categories in its third quarter with revenue increasing by 35% year-on-year and overall UK revenue climbing by 24%.

In Germany, the exit run rate revenue for December gives an annualised revenue of €77 million, up from €61 million in September.

Steve Caunce, chief operating officer at AO World, said: "AO World continues to make progress on its long term plan; delivering sales growth across all categories and more customers enjoyed our excellent proposition.

"In Germany we made further progress and are proud of how our culture has translated and thank the German team for continuing to delight customers with the experience.

"Looking ahead, we remain confident that we will deliver for the benefit of both our customers and our investors and remain on track to deliver our long term strategy."