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Aldi to sell 40 year old whisky with 250 discount

Tuesday November 22nd 2011

Discount retailer Aldi is to sell a limited edition 40 year old Speyside Single Malt Whisky in the run-up to Christmas for 49.99 instead of 300.

The German supermarket will sell 3,000 bottles of the Speyside Single Malt across its 450 stores in December.  However, demand is expected to outstrip supply as only six or seven bottles will be sold in each store.
Aldi's Spirits Buyer said: "Whisky of this quality and age would usually sell for around £300 plus. Aldi is giving customers the chance to get hold of a very high quality luxury product for a very low price."

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Presented in a stylish gift box, the whisky has been matured in European Oak Sherry casks, resulting in a very intense and rich flavour. 

The product is predicted to sell out in hours when it hits Aldi’s shelves on 8 December.