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A round-up of retail events

The Internet of Retail Conference

9-10 February 2016, Near London

Hear John Lewis, Tesco, Net-A-Porter, Dixons & other experts

  • Comprising of job titles such as VP, CTO and CIO, our speaker panel brings you senior experts from the world's biggest retailers.

5 exclusive case studies: how are retailers using IoT?

  • Discover how Waitrose is shaking up traditional business models with IoT and moving from selling products to selling services
  • Hear how American Apparel achieved a worldwide roll-out of RFID to transform productivity and rapidly deliver ROI
  • Learn how Kroger is connecting multiple devices to create an optimal shopping experience
  • Explore how is seamlessly blending the digital and physical experience with IoT and boosting sales

Hear Tesco’s vision for using IoT to transform operations and develop new customer propositions



The Retail Bulletin International Expansion Conference 2016

21 April 2016 

Cavendish Conference Centre W1

  • Review of UK retail operating xborder: Where are we and what are the key drivers making certain changes in 2015/16 and beyond
  • Is the organisational structure including Bricks as well as clicks,
  • What are the changes that need to have happened in buying and distribution strategy
  • What considerations do you need to consider to ensure that you avoid pitfalls: Lets learn from the best...
  • ustomer Acquisition and Engagement in foreign markets.
  • Ecommerce, Bricks or franchise
  • Franchising : What can go wrong and what should be done right when developing and keeping profitable relationships with franchisees
  • Pure Play: One website does all?
  • Translation: Language/ Culture: How to make it simple and relevant
  • What does Ecommerce mean in franchisees agreements?
  • What do you control from UK and what needs to be controlled locally
  • Trademark pitfalls.
  • What does a robust international supply chain look like



The 7th Onnchannel Summit

February 3 2016

Cavendish Conference Centre, London W1

Omni-channel customers display a higher level of loyalty to a brand and typically out-spend multichannel shoppers by over 20%.

Investing in an omni-channel customer platform presents retailers with a huge opportunity to differentiate themselves. Historically, each department has operated as an independent business unit, with their own inventories and prices.  So how can retailers install an omnichannel platform that will ensure that these divisions are seamlessly connected with experiences, promotions and prices all knitted together?

The decision process and implementation of an effective omnichannel strategy could be simplified if businesses understood what drives consumers to the various different channels.

It’s hard to analyse the precise extent to which online or social platforms are already influencing in store shopping behaviour, but engagement through social media continues to be important and can’t be overlooked when it comes to promoting cross-channel shopping behaviour. The real evolution in online shopping is through mobile, with mobile-optimised sites and apps now common particularly among fashion retailers to drive traffic, increase loyalty, and grow sales.

The biggest challenge bricks and mortar retailers need to overcome is to remain competitive in the omni-channel market and close the gap with online. The ultimate aim for the more forward thinking retailers out there is to have a joined up customer experience at every touchpoint, driven by innovative use of in-store technology and logistics.

What is abundantly clear is that the shoppers who engage with a retailer across more than one channel are the most valuable type and retailers are going to great lengths in order to engage with these customers. If retailers don't develop and implement an effective omni-channel strategy, they will struggle to compete in today's market.

Attend this interactive, retailer-led conference to find out how to:

  • Integrate social media and mobile with the in store and online the shopping experience
  • Understand what retailing in the bricks and mortar store will look like in the future as omni-channel develops
  • Building a strategy that delivers bottom-line benefit and is appropriate to the omni-channel shopper
  • Drive greater integration between digital and in store
  • Increase your market share through investment in system integration and cross department involvement
  • Use omni-channel to internationalise your online activity
  • Blend customer insight across all channels to optimise customer loyalty and spend
  • Drive new growth, consumer loyalty and sustainable profitability

This retailer-focused summit is designed to enable you to maximise profits and market share through cost effective, engaging and seamlessly integrated omni-channel strategies. This is a must attend event for key decision makers and opinion formers in the UK retail industry to help brands better coordinate their omni-channel activities.

With excellent networking opportunities throughout the day and a chance to ask our omni-channel experts your burning questions during our interactive sessions, can you afford not to attend this crucial event?