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A round-up of retail events

The Internet of Retail Conference

Hear John Lewis, Tesco, Net-A-Porter, Dixons & other experts

  • Comprising of job titles such as VP, CTO and CIO, our speaker panel brings you senior experts from the world's biggest retailers.

5 exclusive case studies: how are retailers using IoT?

  • Discover how Waitrose is shaking up traditional business models with IoT and moving from selling products to selling services
  • Hear how American Apparel achieved a worldwide roll-out of RFID to transform productivity and rapidly deliver ROI
  • Learn how Kroger is connecting multiple devices to create an optimal shopping experience
  • Explore how is seamlessly blending the digital and physical experience with IoT and boosting sales

Hear Tesco’s vision for using IoT to transform operations and develop new customer propositions



Retail Week Live 2016

16-17 March 2016

Intercontinental Hotel, London, O2


Progressive, inspiring and innovative, Retail Week Live is unmissable. This is where the industry’s top executives, most influential personalities and visionaries choose to take to the stage to share their stories, views and predictions for the industry.

Retail leaders choose Retail Week Live because they know they will hear world-class speakers, critical content and grow their network of retail chiefs.

Now in its 25th year, and in its new home at the Intercontinental O2, this is retail’s event, where the entire retail community come together under one roof to connect, debate and shape the sector’s future.



The Retail Bulletin International Expansion Conference 2016

21 April 2016 

Cavendish Conference Centre W1

The Retail Bulletin's 7th annual International Expansion Conference on 21 April will examine all the key issues you encounter as an international retailer, including: 

  • Review of UK retail operating xborder: Where are we and what are the key drivers making certain changes in 2015/16 and beyond
  • Is the organisational structure including Bricks as well as clicks,
  • What are the changes that need to have happened in buying and distribution strategy
  • What considerations do you need to consider to ensure that you avoid pitfalls: Let's learn from the best...
  • Customer Acquisition and Engagement in foreign markets.
  • Ecommerce, Bricks or franchise
  • Franchising : What can go wrong and what should be done right when developing and keeping profitable relationships with franchisees
  • Pure Play: One website does all?
  • Translation: Language/Culture: How to make it simple and relevant
  • What does Ecommerce mean in franchisees agreements?
  • What do you control from UK and what needs to be controlled locally
  • Trademark pitfalls.
  • What does a robust international supply chain look like



Internet Retailing Expo / IRX 2016

Balance the elements of your multichannel performance 

This is the only multichannel event with the largest educational programme, which attracts all the key players due to the invaluable content provided at the show.
Exhibiting at IRX is a great way to share the latest technologies to fresh faces and increase your company’s profits. Relish the opportunity to meet over 6000 retailers, with serious multichannel projects who will spend over £100 million pounds on multichannel products and services in the next year.



Customer Engagement Summit 2016

Understand tomorrow's customers today! 

What are your customers focusing on this year? Attend this interactive, retailer-led conference to find out how to:

  • Gain an understanding of your customers' loyalty through insight and data analytics 
  • Equate engagement strategies to incremental revenue and return on marketing investment
  • Engage and interact with your customers using innovative strategies
  • Ensure your CRM strategy is flexible enough to engage the omni-channel customer
  • Determine the key success factors in terms of establishing a loyalty programme
  • Maximise the use of social media across your company for more loyal, engaged customers
  • Understand your customers’ emotions and behaviour to optimise loyalty and experience
  • Define strategies for generating strong long-term customers, brand and channel engagement
  • Identify and collect data across channels for strategic analysis and customer segmentation
  • Optimise the customer experience at all touch-points and increase the impact of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle

Attend The Retail Bulletin's 7th Annual Customer Engagement Summit 2016 to help create engaged, connected and happy customers - engaging with customers is vital to your brand loyalty and satisfaction!


Attend The Retail Bulletin’s 8th HR Summit 2016 to learn about challenges faced, discuss and interact with your peers at this high quality, one day event. This is your opportunity to learn best practice methods, retain and develop your staff and attract the best talent, become a truly strategic HR function that embeds its people policies and procedures with long-term business priorities.

HR issues in the retail industry are not that different to other sectors. However there is the need for greater customer focus than other industries, with the challenges constantly changing and evolving as the market moves at an ever-quickening pace.

One of the biggest challenges facing retail companies today is finding, developing, and retaining talent–savvy retailers and recognise what talent could potentially mean to their bottom line.

It is essential to align HR and business strategy with complementary processes, transforming your company culture to deliver a first-class customer experience. Retailers with employees that embody its culture and brand from the head office to the shop floor - through engaging and training their staff - are the ones who will ultimately perform better.

And efficient, effective training and development of employees is an essential element for continuing growth - through employee development and recognition, a company can relight that fire!

Attend this interactive, retailer-led conference to find out how to:

  • Engage employees at all levels - ensure brand and consumer culture is embedded into your organisation
  • Attract and retain top talent - valuing your employees
  • Implement an effective reward and benefits strategy
  • Train and develop staff for the future - are apprenticeship schemes the answer?
  • Improve your internal communications with the use of social media
  • Understand the latest digital technology and its impact on HR
  • Bring your HR strategy to life - what HR innovations are available?



The Executive Omnichannel Lunch 30 Nvember

How to keep up with the technology behind the buyer’s journey, how to stay ahead of consumers who are demanding ‘experience’ ‘choice’ and ‘convenience’ from start to finish. Providing excellence in a single channel is no longer enough. It’s an omni-channel world, and the imperatives for retailers are clear.

At the core of this evolution is the need to extract more value from customer data. Predictive analytics, data integration and data management will be essential. Retailers need to examine their competencies in these areas so they can deliver the seamless, personalized experience their customers expect. This meeting is a good place to start and we will be presenting a personalization experience you have never seen or experienced before!

This Executive Lunch is of particular interest to:

  • Head of CRM
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Director Marketing Operations
  • Director/VP Sales and Sales Operations
  • Director/VP of Marketing
  • Chief Digital Officer/Chief Data Officer (CDO)
  • Director/VP of Customer Service/Call Center Ops

Omni-channel and the four principles of marketing

Customer-centric, omni-channel retailing not only reinforces the four Ps of marketing — product, price, promotion and placement — it enhances them with a fifth P: personalization. With customers now in charge of how, when and where they shop, retailers have to provide a more personalized, timely and relevant messaging that is unique to customers’ preferences and behaviors. Creating an individual shopping experience and one that is seamless across channels is the key element to reaching and retaining today’s consumer.

Topics to be discussed at this Lunch

  • How to fully deliver a successful Omni channel experience for customers?
  • Customer centricity begins with data — capturing, analyzing, and purposefully using information about customers to precisely engage with them more productively and personally
  • How best to manage and analyse captured data, and then use that information for real-time OmniChannel marketing (we will show you something that will impress)
  • How to quickly adapt to meet the expectations of customers
  • Case study examples of success.



The Retail Bulletin Mock Tribunal Workshop 2016

Venue:The Barbican Centre, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS

Contact: Karen Howard 07725 414385 / 01932 428 376

Staged at the Barbican this half day event will present a case of alleged sexual orientation harassment and constructive dismissal with a retail twist!

Attending this session will give you a great insight into what to expect at a Tribunal Hearing, how to prepare when you are involved in such proceedings, and crucially, how you might avoid them altogether!

The hearing will bring the Tribunal experience to life for you in an interactive event. The roles of the witnesses and representatives will be played by expert advocates from Shoosmiths’ National Employment Team who all specialise in providing advice to Retail sector clients.

You will have the chance to be involved in asking cross examination questions; voting on the outcome and providing your thoughts on the witnesses’ performance!

There will also be a group discussion at the end of the session as well as an opportunity for you to network and discuss the case with our panel of legal experts.

Without doubt, attending this session will improve your overall understanding of how a Tribunal case works in practice and it will allow you to prepare more effectively in defending a Tribunal claim if the need should arise.

In addition, you will obtain the following from the session:

  • A comprehensive overview of the law in relation to harassment and constructive dismissal including how to run ‘time bar’ arguments and the statutory defence (in harassment claims)
  • A full pack of Tribunal documentation pertaining to the case including pleadings, witness statements and written submissions
  • Witness familiarisation handout providing hints and tips on giving evidence in Tribunal
  • Advice on how to handle procedural weaknesses in your case
  • An overview of how time limits apply in discrimination cases

The session is primarily aimed at HR Professionals but would be equally as useful for any of your Senior Managers who are regularly involved in handling complex employment matters such as disciplinaries, grievances and appeals.

The Mock Employment Tribunal will run from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm on 7 December 2016 and the cost is just £199 +vat or alternatively 3 places can be booked for £525 plus VAT.

Delegate places must be pre-paid before the event date.

If you have any problems with online payment access, please contact Karen Howard on 01932 428 376.



The 8th Omnichannel Summit

Strategies and innovations to create a seamless omnichannel shopping journey in today’s digital world.

The way consumers shop has changed drastically, and with it the structure of retail has had to adapt to embrace the omnichannel age. It's no good just jumping on the latest technology bandwagon - retailers must know what their consumer wants before they know what to deliver with everyone thinking of new ways to make more meaningful connections with customers.

With the digital revolution, the concept of ‘online’ began. In the early days, ecommerce had a very separate identity from traditional bricks & mortar shopping - with online shopping considered fundamentally different from shopping instore. Retailers need to think less about individual channels and how they fit together and more about the overall customer journey. Rather than focusing on driving customers to buy on each channel, retailers need to find the value in each channel as part of the customer journey.

British shoppers are taking control of the omnichannel shopping environment. In response, retailers are identifying that shoppers now use a combination of many research, browsing, purchase and collection methods to create a bespoke shopping experience. Retailers search for new ways to adapt to changing customer behaviour and stay relevant in the digital world.

For retailers to succeed with their omnichannel plans, they need to think beyond technology and consider the entire shopping journey, from discovery to purchase. The basics of retail haven’t changed, but the way we do it has. Retailers must reinvent the store experience - with a focus on the customer journey and being there 'digitally' - to stay relevant in the changing world.

Attend this interactive, retailer-led conference to find out how to:

  • Integrate social media and mobile with the in-store and online the shopping experience
  • Understand what retailing in the bricks and mortar store will look like in the future as omnichannel develops
  • Building a strategy that delivers bottom-line benefit and is appropriate to the omnichannel shopper
  • Drive greater integration between digital and in-store
  • Increase your market share through investment in system integration and cross department involvement
  • Use omnichannel to internationalise your online activity
  • Blend customer insight across all channels to optimise customer loyalty and spend
  • Drive new growth, consumer loyalty and sustainable profitability

This retailer-focused summit is designed to enable you to maximise profits and market share through cost effective, engaging and seamlessly integrated omni-channel strategies. This is a must-attend event for key decision makers and opinion formers in the UK retail industry to help brands better coordinate their omni-channel activities.

With excellent networking opportunities throughout the day and a chance to ask our omnichannel experts your burning questions during our interactive sessions, can you afford not to attend this crucial event?